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Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer

Next Airing: Sunday, March 26, 2023 - 3:00am ET

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mike hammer

ABOUT Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer

Hammer's concern for an elderly couple's welfare pits him against a police operation tracking a network of international terrorists operating out of New York.


Paul Krasny, Ted Lange
Bennet Guillory, Beth Nufer, Carolyn Aka Carol Lucas, Dallace Winkler, Daniel Goldman, Dorian Sanchez, Erik Cord, Janet Brandt, Jeb Adams, Jeff Marton, Jerry Hausner, Kari Lloyd, Lisa Le Cover, Mario Roberts, Mark Sutton, R Lee Benton, Rebecca Sharkey, Richard E Butler, Sheli Marton, Thomas Hallick, Victor Redina

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