You may be affected by preemptions in the following markets. Please contact your local station/provider for more information.

Market Station/Provider Channel
Baltimore WUTB (Broadcast) 24.4
Birmingham WTTO (Broadcast) 21.4
Buffalo WNYO (Broadcast) 49.4
Cedar Rapids - Waterloo - Dubuque - Iowa City KGAN (Broadcast) 2.2
Columbus WTTE (Broadcast) 28.2
Greensboro - High Point - Winston - Salem WMYV (Broadcast) 48.2
Milwaukee WVTV (Broadcast) 18.2
Mobile WFGX (Broadcast) 35.2
Nashville WUXP (Broadcast) 30.2
Wichita - Hutchinson KMTW (Broadcast) 36.2

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