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Crime Time
January 8, 2021 by getTV Staff
Once upon a time, we waited all week for our favorite shows. In between episodes, we carried the lunchboxes, collected the trading cards, and acted out our favorite scenes in the schoolyard. And when we got a bit older, we plastered pin-ups in our lockers and posters on our bedroom walls. TV may not have been as ubiquitous back then as it is now — If you missed your show, you missed it! — but it sure was fun. 
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xmas-1280x720-2 (2).jpg
December 7, 2020 by getTV Staff
In the best episodes of Good Times, the Evans family often faces a challenge. They may not solve every problem, but they’re always in it together. And this is why the Norman Lear-produced series was so groundbreaking: it was the first sitcom on American television to depict a working-class Black family as a stable, supportive unit. 
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November 9, 2020 by getTV Staff
What’s your favorite Christmas memory? For many of us, it’s gathering with loved ones and watching holiday-themed episodes of our favorite shows. It wasn’t truly Christmastime until families like the Bunkers celebrated along with us!
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October 19, 2020 by getTV Staff
There’s a new face on getTV — and he may look familiar! From sitcoms like Silver Spoons, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and In The House, to Dancing With The Stars and beyond, Alfonso Ribeiro has been on TV for nearly his entire life! And many of us have grown up along with him.
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sigrid_thornton_featured (1).jpg
September 16, 2020 by getTV Staff
By 1988, primetime soaps like Dallas and Knots Landing had been drawing large, loyal audiences for a decade. So, it’s not surprising that CBS turned to David Jacobs, the mastermind of those two hits, for a sudsy spin on the Western genre. The result was Guns of Paradise, a unique hybrid of Old West action, family drama, and will they/won’t they romance — seen weekdays at 4p ET and weekends at 3p ET on getTV!
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September 1, 2020 by getTV Staff
Can we get an Amen for Amen? The 1980s sitcom starring Sherman Hemsley as a Philadelphia church deacon quickly became a showcase for a powerhouse supporting cast: Anna Maria Horsford as daughter Thelma, Clifton Davis as pastor Reuben, Jester Hairston as sage Rolly, and Roz Ryan and Barbara Montgomery as the Hetebrink sisters. Nearly thirty-five years later, this ensemble comedy from creator Ed. Weinberger remains a blessing for fans old and new. 
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